Attractions 2012

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Attractions 2012


In addition to the traders and club stands there were various attractions including:

two wargames

big models - Tower Bridge, German Armoured Trains

Airfix Make and Take

A display of models in 144th scale

A working wartime railway layout

MAFVA - sales of past issues of Tankette, including a huge

range of AFV plans - see more details














Tower Bridge


 - a Class 30 Tower Bailey Bridge constructed by 30 Corps Engineers over the Mass-Vaal Canal at Hatert, Holland 1944.


This spectacular model dates from the 1970's and was restored in 2011.



For more details

 see here






Attractions 2011







1 10am - 5pm at The Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone, Kent


On Track - the military model show in Folkestone -