Attractions 2016

On Track - the new Military Model show in Folkestone
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Attractions 2016



Airfix Make and Take

Club and Trader demonstrations of modelling techniques

some outsized models including

    Rex Cadman's - large scale vehicle models 

    Martin Hill's - rail gun models 

A demonstration wargame

And all the Leas' facilities of course









This is as good a place as any to say thank you to the model-builders who bring in giants like these.  Fellow modellers will understand, but if you do not build, just think for  moment how much effort goes into a big model,  how difficult it is to transport it to a show and how nervous a business it is.  These attractions really add to the show, so again, thank you. 





Make and Take - an excellent initiative by Airfix. 





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1 10am - 5pm at The Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone, Kent



On Track - the military model show in Folkestone -